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Uptrend marketing solutions is a creative advertising company that deals with Marketing campaigns, video production, creative design, digital ads and branding (to name a few).

Knowing how to invest your money in advertising can be tricky, and so here at UpTrend we provide you with the advertising and marketing tools that guarantee to attract users who are interested in buying your products/using your services.

Put it this way: UpTrend Marketing Solutions is your answer.

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Entrust your project
to our team of professionals

Through applying a strong teamwork approach, we strive to contribute to your business marketing by displaying the desired information that we believe will reach your target audience. We achieve this through the prism of applying a creative and interestingly-designed-but rich-content.

Whether it’s building awareness, driving engagement or finding novel ways to solve client challenges, the work we do together is always focused on delivering results.

When we enter into the contract, we analyse our clients’ needs and wants so that we have complete insight into the goals and indicators that are most important to them. We constantly monitor this information in order to produce the required result. This kind of work leans more towards content and measurability, and with the help of our Google and Social Media advertising services, you will be able to track specific information needed for data analysis and evaluation of your company’s/product’s communication strategy.

Latest most fascinating projects
for our prestigious clients

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TV Commercial, Video production

ProCredit Bank

TV Commercial, Video production

IBE Group

3D Animation


Web design


Digital campaign, Web design


Branding, Web design


Web design

BOO the Bear - TVC

3D Animation, 3D Character
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Facebook Stories ads are now available

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