About us

Through applying a robust teamwork approach, we are a company that strives to contribute to your desired ways of marketing, and through this we display your preferred information that we know will reach your target group. We achieve this through the prism of a creative and interestingly-designed-but- rich content.

Our motto is based around the idea that:

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

 Whether it’s building awareness, driving engagement or finding novel ways to solve client challenges, the work we do together is always focused on delivering results.

As people usually think that marketing ROI is pretty hard to evaluate and measure, we provide our customers with constant reports on projects we are working on. With us, you can really say where your money goes, and see actual change based on that investment. At UpTrend we are working together with our customers on the incremental sales, which are new revenue gains generated by a marketing campaign, and wins known as ‘new customers generated’. We acknowledge the difference between obtaining marketing-related return on investments and driving maximum profit and long-term value. Therefore, we pay close attention to strategic issues, one of many being brand-building and new customer acquisitions vs. the need for short-term sales. We have ONE mission: TO GENERATE DEMAND FOR YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE.

Our ideas are our differentiator.

Looking for a perfect marketing solution?
We can realize any projects!

Creating new ideas, developing new perspectives and changing our future as we know it!

A Team Of Leading Professionals

A lot of efforts were invested in the development of a unique individual, a person, one personality, a lot of sleepless nights, lots of coffee, tears, sweat and a lot of sacrifices to achieve the ultimate goal imagined somewhere in the head. It’s not a legend… And yes, the story is repeated like many others: “from thorns to stars,” but that’s the only liable path, because nothing comes overnight. Same happened to our founder.

Both the company and the team, and everything else was built from scratch, creating something starting only with a group of prospective, young people, eager to present their talents and ideas to the world through their hard work. The desire of the entire team to build something that will become a name, a synonym that will be identified with marketing and advertising.

Everything Is Designed. Few Things Are Designed Well.

Powerful And Stable Framework

Our customers are at the heart of our organization

Our Core Values









Our History


The Idea

A spark was born, and the idea of the company was created. We can do this! We want to offer something different and better, and we are gonna make this happen!


Strategy Development

Framework to develop a draft of a value-accretive portfolio and a detailed plan for operating. Also, aiming growth and attracting major brands. The enthusiasm was just overwhelming.


Founding UpTrend Marketing Solutions

The company is established and just started operating. Our first projects and clients, and we are waking up, growing up and experiencing the business world in a different manner. This is it!?


International Clients

Penetrating the international market, predominantly Dubai, we were working on a bunch of projects with different people & companies. Different company profiles, different strategies, different approaches… What a crazy world!


Office in London

And we are now officially out there, not just with our work but also physically. Excited establishing our global HQ in London. This rainy town is gonna feel the thunder of our ideas!