We’re looking for an Office Manager // Sarajevo office

Našem timu potreban je Office Manager! (M/Ž)


Zahvaljujući konstantnom širenju kako na domaćem, tako i na inostranom tržištu potreban nam je novi član našeg tima, a sve u cilju kako bismo postigli vrhunske rezultate i očekivanja naših vjernih klijenata.


Našem timu potrebna je pedantna, efikasna i proaktivna osoba koja je spremna da živi agencijski život, da se izbori sa bezbroj mailova, te svalada sve izazove s kojima će se susretati tokom obavljanja svojih poslova.


Rad u našem timu podrazumijeva izraženu odgovornost, organizacione sposobnosti, tačnost i preciznost u ispunjavanju dodijeljenih zadataka. Visoko cijenimo energičnost u individualnom radu ali istovremeno i fleksibilnost za timski rad.


Potrebne kvalifikacije:

Radno iskustvo poželjno

Odlične komunikacijske vještine

Analitičnost i odgovornost

Odgovornost, sistematičnost i posvećenost poslu

Engleski jezik

Rad na računaru (MS Office)

Vozačka dozvola


Opis posla:

Administracija interne i eksterne dokumentacije

Usmena i pismena korespodencija

Ažuriranje i arhiviranje dokumenata

Komunikacija sa dobavljačima

Prijem i briga o posjetiocima agencije

Koordinacija i logistika sastanaka

Organizacija poslovnih putovanja i sastanaka

Organizovanje higijensko-sanitarne brige i staranje da izgled kancelarije bude uvijek u skladu sa standardima.


Ukoliko ispunjavate gore navedene uslove, ukoliko biste voljeli da radite u mladom i kreativno orijentisanom timu, ukoliko volite marketing i prodaju, volite drugačije poslove, nove izazove, ne bojite se komunikacije sa ljudima onda Vam mi možemo ponuditi najbolji posao.


Vaš CV i JEDNU rečenicu zašto ste upravo Vi prava osoba, možete poslati na mail:

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Stickers are now available on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp finally follows its parent company, Facebook, and corporate sisters, Messenger and Instagram, into the world of stickers.

Stickers are now available for use via iPhone and Android applications, and the first three sticker packs are called Cuppy, Como and Salty.

This feature will appear globally in the coming days, and once users get access to stickers, they can touch the “new sticker” button in their chats and select the stickers they want to share, or choose the plus icon to add new sticker packages.


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Facebook Stories ads are now available

Facebook announced this week that it’s making Facebook Stories ads available to all advertisers globally.

The Stories format is becoming more and more popular, with hundreds of millions of people using them to share and discover “content they care about in fast and fun ways.” In an Ipsos survey commissioned by Facebook IQ, 68% of people say they use stories on at least three apps, while 63% plan to use the format more in the future. Over 400m people use Instagram Stories every day. And that’s why Facebook launched Instagram Stories Ads last year.

And then, back in May, Facebook was working on Facebook Stories ads as well. Now, the company has announced that it’s rolling the ads out to all advertisers. With more than 300 million people using Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories every day, it makes total sense for Facebook to monetise them, right? Of course, it does.

As of this week, advertisers can now “include Facebook Stories as an additional placement to News Feed or Instagram Stories ad campaigns, delivering messages in a fullscreen, immersive environment.” Soon, Facebook will also be allowing them to extend the reach in Messenger as well, to further improve results.

Facebook Stories ads are now available to support every objective that’s currently available for Instagram Stories ads, and that includes reach, brand awareness, video views, app installs, conversions, traffic and lead generation. Advertisers can also take advantage of Facebook’s full suite of targeting and measurement capabilities.

Finally, Facebook explains that “for performance marketers, stories ads can also inspire people to take action,” with more than half of people surveyed by Ipsos saying “they’re making more online purchases as a result of seeing stories.”

Similarly, “38% of people said that after seeing a product or service in a story they talked to someone about it, and 34% said they went to a store to look for it.” Brands that have tested the ads have “found that adding Facebook Stories to their Instagram Stories ad campaigns resulted in more customer actions at a lower cost.”



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Influencers in one place, the new UpTrend project

We at UpTrend decided to create a completely new platform in our market. This is the first base of the BH. and regional influencers, which will be available to both UpTrend’s clients and companies / brands / agencies operating in the BiH and region markets. In this way, we will ease the search, communication, and influencer selection, on the company / brand / agency-influencer, and thus accelerate the process of implementation and planning of Influencer Marketing. With this in mind, UpTrend will soon offer its customers a complete service in one place, where they will make a selection and deliver to the client a number of influencers that are most diverse for his company / brand.

On the other hand, we invite all influencers who are interested in the markets of BiH and the region to contact us.


  • After the client contacted us with a request for the Influencer Marketing campaign, we deliver a list of influencers, where the client has an insight into the number of followers and the way influencer creates the content.
  • By selecting influencers, we move to the second step. Creation of Influencer Marketing Strategy with our team, client and selected influencer (influencers)
  • UpTrend works together with influencer on content creation and strategy implementation.


  • Facilitate client’s search and communication with influencers, and creation of Influencer Marketing campaigns.


  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


What is Influencer Marketing?

First of all, Influencer Marketing will not replace social marketing or content marketing because it can not exist without them. In the simpliest way, Influencer Marketing is like a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, taking into account the idea of ​​similar support and putting into a modern content-oriented marketing campaign. The main difference is that campaign results are usually a collaboration between brands and influencers.

Influencers, unlike celebs, can be everywhere. They can be everyone. What makes them influential is their large number of followers on the Internet and social media. Influencer can be a popular fashion photographer at Instagram, a well-read blogger for cyber security whose posts are popular or respected CEO at a certain company on LinkedIn. In every industry there are influencers – you just have to find them. They are easily recognized by hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers.


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“UpTrend” just got a new face… and it’s awesome!

“UpTrend” Just Got a New Face… And it’s Awesome!

The UpTrend marketing agency, whose offices are located in Sarajevo and London, has received a new visual identity. Namely, the creative team of this agency led by Adi Herić (Head of Multimedia), designed a new logo with accompanying visual materials with which they want to embark on new markets and clients.
“Due to the need to follow world trends, we have created a logo in the colors of a positive vibe through experimental typographic techniques in a fundamental geometric form.” – said Adi Herić. Also, on behalf of the agency, he thanks the intern student of the 3rd year of graphic design at the American University, Nejra Jusić, on the conceptual realization of the idea.
What do you think of the new design? 😉

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Vispak and UpTrend amazed the audience

Vispak and UpTrend amazed the audience at the Marketing Summit ’17 – “Zlatna Džezva” addressed the audience

There is no greater satisfaction than a satisfied client, and although we had a lot of challenges, in the end we managed to make some kind of surprise because this is the first time that the hologram projection turns to the audience and tells its story about the brand in B&H.

Marketing Summit is a conference that brings together experts in the field of marketing, sales, public relations, and connects and creates network business collaboration among potential thinkers and experts in the field.

This year, the general sponsor of the Marketing Summit was the renowned company Vispak, and its representatives Nina Bijedić-Mujanović, Director of Vispak, and Armin Hodžić, Head of Marketing and Sales of the AS Group, launched the topic “How to Win an International Market with Limited Resources – example “Zlatna Džezva”.

The UpTrend team, along with colleagues from Vispak, was in charge of the stage performance, the creation of an interactive presentation, video announcement and as a huge surprise at the end, the hologram projection showed the character of the Viber sticker, “Zlatna Džezva”.

“Zlatna Džezva is the biggest BH brand in the coffee program and is one of the biggest brands and ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world. The fact that it is being sold in more than 20 countries of the world speaks everything …” said Kemal H. Balihodžić, UpTrend CEO.

“The team from Vispak is great, it’s a team of incredibly creative people who are constantly thinking how to improve their product and relationship with consumers. For us, enjoying working with them, we feel like a part of the family and we fully understand each other,” he continued. “There is no greater satisfaction than a satisfied client, and although we had a lot of challenges, we managed to make a sort of surprise, because this is the first time that the hologram projection comes to the audience and tells its story about the brand in B&H.”

“I must say that this was a very demanding project under a difficult deadline, and I thank my team from UpTrend, the people who oversaw the project, the trusted clients, and I want to emphasize that as an agency we will continue to work creatively and create campaigns and projects that will be a trend setter on the local and regional market. ”

This is one of a series of creative projects that Vispak executes with UpTrend Marketing Solutions, and we are sure that this is not the end because we are already working on new great projects and ideas.

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With DB Schenker we create a local, regional and global presence

It is our pleasure to announce that we have signed a contract with DB Schenker

UpTrend Marketing Solutions does not stop to string new successes, and in the previous period they got a new client and signed a contract with DB Schenker BiH. DB Schenker is a prestigious company founded in 1872 in Austria and today it is already the main support of German railways.

DB Schenker is dedicated to providing innovative solutions in supply chains, and at the same time they are industry leaders with more than 140 years of experience in logistics. They support the industry in which there is a trade in the global exchange of goods, and UpTrend will proudly support their work and complete it with an agreed marketing campaign.

The Director of UpTrend is grateful for the trust of such clients. “We are honored and pleased that we have achieved cooperation with the giants in this industry, we will do our best to achive something fantastic from this cooperation,” said Kemal H. Balihodzic.

We are looking forward to this and we look forward to a good and lasting outcome and long-term cooperation.

For more information about services provided by DB Schenker, you can visit the link.

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Emotional engagement is the key to viral content marketing

Emotional engagement is the key to content marketing success. People discover and share information, videos, pictures and other types of media constantly. Viral content seems to take on a life of its own, rapidly spreading among the masses in much the same way as a real virus does among people.

Eliciting an emotional response is an essential element of all successful viral content marketing campaigns. It’s human nature that people want to share the experiences that stir their emotions by communicating them to others. When people develop strong, deep feelings around an experience or message, social sharing becomes impulsive.

Negative content tends to be less viral than positive content, while awe-inspiring content and content that surprises or is humorous is more likely to be shared. Content that causes sadness can become viral but is generally less likely to. Content that evokes anger is likely to be shared more, in fact, the study demonstrated that the strongest forecaster of virality is how much anger does the message evoke.

Interestingly, while conventional wisdom is that people will share negative news more than positive, the results of the study indicated that overall, positive news is actually more viral.

An emotional response to the message is what triggers the reaction to share.

The 6 Primary Emotions

Our six primary emotions are primarily what determines viral behavior and reactions. Here are a few recommendations for creating content taking the six (surprise, fear, sadness, joy, disgust and anger) primary emotions into consideration.

Surprise – Surprise is the single common element of viral content. However; because surprise alone cannot guaranteee success, it needs to be combined with other emotions.

What surprises people?  Anything unexpected, common assumptions proven wrong, new ideas or ways of doing things, asking a provocative question, making a bold statement or assertion.

Fear – Fear is a great motivator and it causes people to take action. When using fear within your content, exercise caution, you’re likely to receive a mixed response. To increase your odds of creating a successful piece of content also include possible solutions that solve the fear-causing problem you’ve presented.

Joy – Positive, uplifting, inspirational content will almost always become more viral than negative. If your content can make people laugh, or smile back at the computer screen, chances are they will also share the content.

Sadness – Sadness is usually a response to unfortunate events and generally has a low chance of going viral. There are exception to this including high profile deaths, entertainment gossip, natural disasters and other news-type events.

Anger –  Evoking anger is powerful in creating viral content, and by that I don’t mean “hostile” anger. I’m speaking of an emotional response that occurs when someone strongly disagrees with your position or message. Adept copywriters know this and often use it in their headlines to grab the readers attention.

Disgust – Content that evokes disgust may become viral among small groups, but generally does not appeal to the masses and is best to be avoided.

Content that elicits two or more types of emotional responses will greatly increases the odds of virality.

People are far more likely to share content with others when they are emotionally engaged. Viral content is not content that is just “okay”, its strong, unique and powerful and delivers a message worth sharing.

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Digital advertising tops TV in the U.S. for the first time

Digital advertising sales surpassed linear TV ad sales in the U.S. for the first time in 2016, pulling in $70 billion compared with $67 billion for national and local TV, according to IPG Mediabrands’ Magna.

The agency expects 3.7% growth in advertising spend domestically in 2017, a slowdown from the 4.7% increase seen in 2016, which was driven by the presidential election and Olympics.

Digital ad sales are projected to increase 14% to $80 billion, led by social and video, while offline media sales will decline by 3% this year to $103 billion, Magna predicts.

Magna said in December that it expects digital advertising to overtake TV globally by the end of 2017.

Search is expected to remain the largest revenue generator, bringing in $39 billion, a 13% growth over 2016, while video and social is once again expected to post the strongest growth rates of about 28% each.

National TV advertising sales are expected to be flat again, as high-single-digit CPM inflation will just barely offset high-single-digit ratings declines, the agency reported.

Some small and midsize brands could be priced out of national TV in the months and years to come, according to Magna’s report. Still, many mass consumer brands will continue to invest in traditional TV campaigns, as some CMOs believe digital advertising still lacks accountability while not being that much cheaper than traditional TV.

Some consumer packaged goods companies did shift money out of digital and back into TV in 2016, but according to the report, that was likely a temporary adjustment.

“We now see CPG companies concentrating their television spending on fewer brands and products and launching some new products without the national TV campaigns that would have been an automatic part of the plan just years ago,” the report said.

Print ad sales are expected to decrease by 13% to $18 billion, and radio will decline by 4% to $13.5 billion.

Out-of-home ended 2016 at an all-time high of $7.6 billion, up 3.3%, and is expected to grow by another 3% in 2017.

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