Facebook Stories ads are now available

October 1, 2018 Posted by UpTrend In News

Facebook announced this week that it’s making Facebook Stories ads available to all advertisers globally.

The Stories format is becoming more and more popular, with hundreds of millions of people using them to share and discover “content they care about in fast and fun ways.” In an Ipsos survey commissioned by Facebook IQ, 68% of people say they use stories on at least three apps, while 63% plan to use the format more in the future. Over 400m people use Instagram Stories every day. And that’s why Facebook launched Instagram Stories Ads last year.

And then, back in May, Facebook was working on Facebook Stories ads as well. Now, the company has announced that it’s rolling the ads out to all advertisers. With more than 300 million people using Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories every day, it makes total sense for Facebook to monetise them, right? Of course, it does.

As of this week, advertisers can now “include Facebook Stories as an additional placement to News Feed or Instagram Stories ad campaigns, delivering messages in a fullscreen, immersive environment.” Soon, Facebook will also be allowing them to extend the reach in Messenger as well, to further improve results.

Facebook Stories ads are now available to support every objective that’s currently available for Instagram Stories ads, and that includes reach, brand awareness, video views, app installs, conversions, traffic and lead generation. Advertisers can also take advantage of Facebook’s full suite of targeting and measurement capabilities.

Finally, Facebook explains that “for performance marketers, stories ads can also inspire people to take action,” with more than half of people surveyed by Ipsos saying “they’re making more online purchases as a result of seeing stories.”

Similarly, “38% of people said that after seeing a product or service in a story they talked to someone about it, and 34% said they went to a store to look for it.” Brands that have tested the ads have “found that adding Facebook Stories to their Instagram Stories ad campaigns resulted in more customer actions at a lower cost.”