Three Tips for Creating Instagram Video Ads

July 15, 2020 Posted by UpTrend In News

Every day, we’re surrounded by all sorts of ads, we put up with offers from people who never seem to understand that we’re just not interested in their product, no matter how much they show it to us, we are shown videos and products despite it being obvious that most users are going to skip over them without giving them the time of day.

But, what if you find yourself on the other side of this predicament?

Creating videos, especially the ones which are meant to serve as icebreakers between your brand and the audience, is not a matter you should take lightly, since first impressions actually do last.

Without further ado, we offer you three pieces of advice for creating Instagram video ads:

  1. Have a CLEARLY defined goal from the start

Very often, people take the screen time to accomplish multiple goals, which, in the long-term, stops them from accomplishing any of them (a rule for which, as with anything, exceptions do exist). A clearly defined goal (e.g. lead or prospect generation, sales, etc.) helps you easily track your progress towards said goal, as well as more accurate definition of what your ad is trying to achieve.

  1. Adapt your ad to the way Instagram feed is being used

Instagram video ads can last up to 120 seconds, but you don’t have to use all of that time just because you can. HubSpot research has shown that, on average, 26-second-long videos have the highest engagement on Instagram.

With that, you need to keep in mind that a lot of users automatically disregard your videos as soon as they realize you’re advertising something. It is crucial that the key information in your ad are presented at the very start of the video, so that the value of your message would reach as many people as possible.

  1. Test several versions of your video ad

As much as you wish you could, your first attempt at making the Instagram ad will not be the best, and that’s completely fine. By testing your video ad, you are being presented with an opportunity to spot any mistakes, slip-ups or missing piece in your message (video length, text, fonts, colors, landing page, etc.), which enables you to have your future products raise the standard.

Creating an Instagram video ad is not as simple as it might be made out to be if you’re looking to achieve great results. With that in mind, it is crucial that you constantly consume new content which will, in turn, help you better understand promotional content as well as your target audience.