Viber for Business – How to Use Business Services One of the Biggest Digital Platforms

July 15, 2019 Posted by UpTrend In News ,

We have announced that we are opening an API for integration with brands that can contribute to the development of useful content and use our platform’s capabilities to provide our and their users with better experience, and we saw that the interest has grown. I would say that more and more companies are interested in this type of cooperation, mostly companies from FinTech and FMCG industry, providers of various services and brands that are among our first pilot projects in the region. As far as the Bosnian market is concerned, we are very satisfied because BiH is one of the most successful countries for us, and there are many partners who communicate with our users on our daily basis – says Kancheva.

Konstantin Kostadinov

Konstantin Kostadinov, director of the commercial department for Central and Eastern Europe at Rakuten Viber CEE, told eKapija that Viber won the market of BiH in a significant percentage, over 90%, with almost all users active at least once a month.

This is confirmed by the number of exchanged messages in the first six months of this year – over 45.4 billion, with over 600 million stickers. As for the call through Viber, in the first six months, the number exceeds 1.6 billion. According to these data, BiH is one of the largest markets for the use of Viber per capita – says Kostadinov.

He adds that Viber campaign costs largely depend on the options that are required, the duration of the campaign, the volume of traffic for advertising ads, and so on. In this context, the cost of the sticker of the campaign varies, and campaign fees that involve user engagement, including Chatbot, are also variable, and affect them, for example, number of promotional messages that the client plans to use.

We do not work with companies that advertise tobacco products, with dedicated industries, and with companies offering adult content. We have tools that help us limit access to content that is not appropriate for all ages, such as the Age Gate option for a sticker campaign, where a user has to confirm that he is of a certain age by entering the date of birth. As far as personal data is concerned, Viber is fully committed to the GDPR declaration and does not archive nor access content in the communication between users, which is fully encrypted on both sides. Chatbot orders from our partners, especially in the EU, must include the option that the user can always access personal information and delete them whenever he wants to, – says Kostadinov.

What you need to know before deciding on the Viber Campaign

Zarena Kancheva

Kancheva from Viber advises that before a company starts to promote Via Viber, it should take into account several factors.- The basic feature of our application is to fully respect the privacy of data and the safety of our users’ communications, provide them with the highest level of complete encryption and do not store the content of their correspondence on servers. Accordingly, we do not use the same targeting options as our competition, so our targeting capabilities are completely intrusive and considerably less detailed, as we do not keep track of users, nor do we track data in the way that Facebook does. We collect information mostly on the basis of user habits, based on what they like and what they want to share when it comes to personal data. So we can not examine the background of a person in details, let’s say that we know it is a girl of 15 or 16 years old, who lives in the city and whose father is a policeman. Our targeting is a bit wider, but we can safely say that the level of trust in our platform is much higher – says Kancheva. She states that Viber’s choice as a promotion channel is taken very seriously as they see it as entering a personal space.- Users see our platform as something that gives them privacy and which has a great meaning for them. Whatever brand access our platform, we want to ensure that communication in their Chatbots or communities, even on their commercials, will be meaningful and of interest to users, while on the other hand they can expect much greater respect and greater engagement among their audience. Viber provides enormous potential for companies to interact with their customers and their engagement, but this potential needs to be aligned with the brand’s branding strategy and the content strategy that advertisers create for their brands. Kostadinov explains the steps that a company needs to pass before any Viber campaign is published. – First, it has to present its objectives and key performance indicators, KPIs – key performance indicators. Based on this information, our sales team or business development team will consult the company or help it make the right decision about various sticker models and Viber Channels – whether to open an account on the Chatbots or Communities service. When our teams find out what the company has decided on, Viber sends information about various ratings related to potential campaigns, including the necessary instructions for the development of the sticker, API Tech information, the Community Access document, and process flows. A key step in decision making is the up-to-date and timely communication of the company with representatives of Viber – says Kostadinov.

Which option should you choose?

Harun Bavčić

Harun Bavčić, head of the digital department at the UpTrend Marketing Solutions Agency in Sarajevo, believes that companies or brands that choose to advertise via Viber should be aware of all the possibilities and benefits that Viber, but you should also not expect a return on that investment ie. returns for a short period of time.- If they opt for the Viber Sticker promotion, they must know that the stickers will be available only for three months for download, while users who have downloaded stickers in those three months have the same on their device and after the expiration of that period. Viber currently has the following business solutions, and each company should choose the option according to their needs: Ads, Communities, Promotional stickers, Ecommerce (soon available), Business messages – says Bavčić. Kancheva points out that investment in the Viber campaign is definitely worth it. – Viber offers a special service and a unique opportunity, and it is definitely a good alternative to existing digital channels, which are already now seen as traditional. What we offer is a new way of activating and involving users, and depending on the brand’s goals, we create solutions tailored to users that result in greater visibility of the brand, or which will contribute to a greater visitor interest in the client’s website, application or any other online place – says Kancheva. It adds that they especially encourage partners to consider creating their communities in Viber, but this implies long-term commitment and the opening of a new communication channel where it needs to be very consistent and that it is necessary to listen to what users are saying through all the tools Viber offers. – You can invite people to comment and discuss content that you offer and to be very creative when it comes to content, and you can even add Chatbot as well as to use a combination of different channels of promotion and communication. Bavčić says many companies are entering this form of advertising very unwisely, and we can often see some stickers negatively comment on social networks, although sometimes bad comments come well. – Anyway, they should be avoided. Why this is to say, because special attention should be paid to creating stickers themselves, messages contained in them, and the very purpose of their use. It is very important that the stickers are “usable”, that is, that the users confirm their everyday use. An example of this case that I could mention is the sticker we created for Vispak and the “Zlatna džezva” brand and who called for the action – “Gdje ćemo na kafu?”, and similar. If the primary goal is sale, then my recommendation is to go to Viber advertising, ecommerce or business messages as options because it can be of great use – explains Bavčić. He states that BiH with Montenegro and North Macedonia is much cheaper than Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia when it comes to Viber campaigns. – Viber stickers must also be accompanied by a campaign – the most common digital, and mandatory PR support, in order to present these Viber stickers to the target groups in the best possible way. – Says Bavčić.