What Are the Key Elements to a High-Converting Landing Page?

March 31, 2020 Posted by UpTrend In News , ,

In this article, we bring you three elements that you can use to improve your landing page performance to maximize the value of your site.

No one wants their effort to be in vain, and when it comes to the usefulness of your website, it is of particular importance that it fulfills its purpose – it attracts new users, who, after some time, become prospectuses. Keeping track of web design trends as well as copying other, more successful websites will not help you achieve the same success for your site.

In order for your website to reach a satisfactory level of efficiency in attracting new users and getting them to a specific destination when they become prospectuses, you need to be unique in your approach, and it all starts with a landing page.

A landing page is the first stop in your customers’ journey through your offers, and is the key to success in gaining their attention as it fulfills the purpose of the funnel in guiding users through the experiences of the services you offer. Factors that influence the success of your landing page:

Conduct research on your target audience (potential buyers / users) through social networks to be aware of their design preferences, so you can tailor your landing page to their preferences.

Take advantage of high quality photos and videos, make sure the colors are consistent, and that all the components make up a harmonious whole.
Typography is crucial in landing page design, so make sure it fits in with other content.


Landing pages should be the main transmitter of your brand and company as well as yourself. Make sure that the text you post here is appealing to new users, but also to be search engine optimization (SEO), so you can easily promote your site.

If your company is the recipient of some awards, this is where you can list it in order to present yourself in the best light. Any praise from your past clients also deserves a place on the landing page – proof that the trust given to your company will not be in vain.

Testing your landing page

Rephrasing a single sentence, changing a single image, or adding a key that takes it one step further in introducing new users to researching your services may not make much difference at first thought, but it can have a big impact on the effectiveness of a landing page.

Because of this, testing your site is crucial, and can be performed with A / B or multivariate testing techniques to see which of the two landing page versions is more effective.

When designing your web site, you should never hesitate to experiment because it is the only way to get reliable information about your customers and therefore find the right approach to creating a landing page that will help your business, not just be a cost.