Why Social Commerce Will Rule Social Media in 2020

March 13, 2020 Posted by UpTrend In News ,

As one of the biggest trends today, social commerce shopping has a seemingly bright future, and 2020 could be the turning point that puts this phenomenon on the pedestal for all online shoppers around the world.

To simplify things:

Let’s say 10,000 users come to your site. 25% will give you their email (newsletter sign-ups, new offers, etc.). When these offers are sent to their email, according to statistics, 25% of them will at least open that email. Then only 5% will open a link that will take them to your online store, after which only 3% of that group decide to buy something. Congratulations, you have 1 customer out of 10,000 users.
For example, you provide a messenger chatbot service. Again, statistically, out of 10,000 chatbot users, 99% of them will receive messages. A surprisingly high number of them, as many as 75% will open a chat to see your message, of which 48% of that group will take the next step to review your offer. 1% of them will buy something. This leads to 35 customers out of 10,000 versus one in the past example.
While these numbers do not really represent guaranteed real results, these items can be seen as the first signs of change in how people shop online.

The closest occurrence to this is, of course, social media marketing as a major tool for spreading awareness of particular products, actions, promotions or brands, but social commerce aims to keep consumers / customers on social networks throughout the buying process.

Instagram Shopping is a feature we are all already familiar with, which allows sellers selling their products online to tag their products in pictures, giving followers 2 steps on their page looking at the product, ready to buy.

However, Facebook is not stopping there, presenting a soon-to-be feature, which is available only to major companies like Nike or Kylie Cosmetics at the time of writing, called Instagram Checkout, which provides a full online shopping experience within the app, allowing followers / customers to see as soon as possible some product, being able to buy that same product without leaving the application in any part of the process.

The Facebook network is leading this fight through custom Facebook Page Shops. Facebook Page Shops is an option for you to create a customizable online store through your Facebook page, giving followers the ability to view product offerings and order the same through the app itself.

Paying attention to Pinterest, at the time of writing this article, they are the slowest in this adaptation to the new way of shopping, but they understand the concept, as evidenced by the fact that they introduced the option to tag certain items and products from pictures and automatically order through their app (Shop The Look), and implements the option to upload entire catalogs to the page by the seller.

Do you also believe that 2020 will be the year of these big changes, as many people think, or is this another one of the many examples of temporary fashion / trend that will soon disappear anyway?