Vispak (Zlatna džezva)

Short Description

“Zlatna džezva” is the 1 N0 coffee brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Date : 2017
  • Categories : Art & Communication, Digital campaign, Viber stickers
  • Client : Vispak
  • Website :


Project implementation timeline: 3 months

Type: Creative advertising

Category: Art and Communication, Viber Stickers

Downloaded:  371,140 times

Sent: 4,085,553 times

Communication channels: Facebook/Instagram & Google

Number of people reached through social media: 635,121 people

Increase in fans on social media: 2,500 people

Number of people reached through Google: 555,621 people.


We brought the Bosnian coffee as a part of the tradition closer to the younger population trough creative clash between strong brand name and social media impact, and offered a whole new dimension of our final product.

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